Concatenation of Excel tabs on KNIME Server


I want to execute a workflow on KNIME server. I want to upload a standardized Excel sheet with various tabs which should be alligned to a single table on the server, which the user can then download. Unfortunately, the uploaded file sometimes misses some tabs. Therefore, I add some empty tabs from a Reference file, which should simply prevent that the workflow crashes.

I currently cannot execute the workflow on the server. I found two possible ways, however both don´t work so far.

Hi @Alkaline

Is it possible that you are pointing your Read excel sheet name to a directory in your local computer, instead of your server?

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Hi @ana_ved,

thanks for your reply. Actually I was able to solve the problem on my own in the meantime. I don´t know the exact reason why it did not work. I did right click on the file on the server “Copy Location” - “Absolute URL” and pasted this URL into the Excel Sheet Names reader. After that it worked.

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