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I am looking for the way to calculate percentage in particular column based on the string in other columns. Math formula doesnt let me do so, as it doesn’t read string columns. Are there any nodes that solve this problem?

Hi @beezee

Convert your string to a number format with the String to Number node
gr Hans

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Hi! But this wont solve my issue, as the column I am basing on contains string (no number)

I think you can either do it with @HansS solution Convert the Strings to Number then do the math formula
Or use the column expression nodes (though the rule engine had the same functions)

Attached a small example workflow
KNIME_project10.knwf (10.1 KB)

I guess if you want to keep the string columns as is - then the column expression node would be better - if you actually want a number instead of the string columns (for future use) then use the string to number node :slight_smile:

Hi there @beezee,

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Can you give us simple example how percentage calculation should look like? This always helps when suggest proper nodes/solution :wink:



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