Conditional Calculation

Dear Community,

I just stuck into a problem. Please refer the below table.

I want a logic if the Section type is “PLATE”, then I wanted to multiply Length * Width * Thickness * Unit Weight, Else some other formula to be applicable. Output to be in a new Column.

I tried to resolve with Column Expression node, but failed. Please support to resolve the same.

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Hi RB,
Welcome to the KNIME Forum! I think the easiest way to do this is to first split your table using a Row Splitter so that one output has all rows with “PLATE” and the other output the rest. Then you can apply Math Formula nodes to both outputs separately with different formulas and then use Concatenate to bring both parts together again.
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The column Width is of String data type, that would be a problem for any numeric calculation.

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Thanks all. It worked with row splitter. Though there was a sting value in Width, I corrected & restarted.

Thanks again to all.



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