Conditional Colour Coding


Does the KNIME Reporting tool have the facility to do conditional colour coding, i.e. if a property is <100, then colour the cell green, if it is >500 then colour the cell red.

I am looking through the BIRT Reporter and can find no option for this. If not, then it is a feature request :-)


EDIT: I can also find no way of passing the colouring from the Colour Manager node into the BIRT Reporter either. Any ideas/thoughts ?



Ahh! Found it now. Highlighting the column field in the birt reporter and then selecting the highlighting tab in the bottom pane is how to do it.



As an aside it would be wonderful to have conditional colouring available in the interactive table viewer and the xls writer node.

Its important that knime is visually appeasing to view results within knime without exporting. I know some rival programmes do this well, it would be great for knime to make some strides in that regard. A lot of the content is there, It just needs to be more eye catching in terms of tables, graphs, etc. Pictures make a 1000 words!!


Hi Simon,

Isn't there a color enabled xls writer available from the erlwood extension? I remember I exchanged emails with the authors how to do it best.

As for enabled KNIME colors in Birt. Not trivial! I had a go at it and finally got it to work with ugly scripts in Birt. I created a workflow and put it onto the public sever /010_Reporting/010006_UseKNIMEColorsInReporting.

Hope you find it useful.


You are right, we do have that internally. But it would nice for the whole community to have that through the official XLS Writer node. It does add a lot of weight to presentations having this done automatically.

Thanks for putting the workflow together on BIRT, I will take a look at this later.

As an aside, I have spotted a bug in BIRT when using the Highlighting facility on a table cell whereby you can define colours based on meeting a condition (i.e. < 100 gives a green background to the cell). If you later want to modify a highlighting rule by double clicking on it, it works when the rule contains one of "Less Than, Greater Than, Equal etc", but if you use the "Is Null" setting, you cannot go back to make changes. It reports an unexpected internal exception when double clicking it.




Hi Bernd,

Many thanks for the BIRT Colouring workflow you have uploaded. So there is a way of passing the colouring through to BIRT from KNIME, and it works great, but as you say, it is certainly not trivial. Alot of these scripts are beyond my capabilities, I will need to sit in a dark room and study these!

I will have a go at adopting this to one of my workflows.




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