Conditional Column

Hi all,

I would like to do a conditional column (similar to the one in powerquery) to extract my revenue and volume out into columns of each month.

Please see the picture attached, the columns in yellow is my current data. Is there any way I can do this?

Hello @eunice090,

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You can get your format by using Pivoting node. But before that you need to add unique identifier for each row as grouping criteria (unfortunately Pivoting node can’t use RowID for it). For adding unique id you can use Counter Generation node or even better ROWINDEX placeholder from Math Formula node. Once you have it configure Pivoting node on a following way: created unique id as grouping column, Month Year as pivoting column, and Revenue and Volume columns as aggregation columns with aggregation method First. Note that you’ll get red question marks in KNIME table output where there is no value as they denote missing values in KNIME.

Hope this helps!



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