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looking for some help here. I’m trying to forecast payment date for a supplier whose terms are 1%/15/ Net 30. if invoice approved within 15 days, we are paying on 15th day and get some discount else it will be paid on 30 days from invoice date

If # of days for processing < 15, payment date should be “Invoice Date” + 15 days
If # of days for processing >15, payment date should be “Invoice Date” + 30 days

In excel, i have this table for illustration purpose

Appreciate your help on solving this in Knime

Thank you.

Could you post the table? It would give us something to work with

You could use rule based row splitters to divide the streams by condition, then date and time shift nodes to apply the date adjustments, then a concatenate node to re-combine the table.


Try this. It won’t handle weekends or invoice approvals > 30 days, but I think it does what you asked.


I’m not sure how you’re using this. If you intend to use it to assure that invoices are paid on time this version might be better. It moves pay due dates which fall on weekends to the previous Friday to assure that the invoices are paid on time. (Assuming your accouning department doesn’t work weekends.) It retains the previous version which ignores weekends. You can pick.


Thank you @iCFO @rfeigel for the solution…it helped solve the issue

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