Conditional Formatting

Hi All,

I am having issues creating a simple conditional formatting.

I have a Joiner where I need the “empty_H” column to come out as yellow through the Excel writer.

I connected the Rule Engine and was able to set up my rule:

$empty_H$ <= -500000 => “yellow”
$empty_H$ >= 500000 => “yellow”
TRUE => “empty_H”

I hope that the above is correct for wanting to color label cells that are either below or equal to negative 500,000 and above or equal positive 500,000.

When looking at the prediction column of the Rule Engine’s data table I honestly don’t think it works.

I also don’t know what nodes to use after that to use that column for the conditional formatting.


Hi @danshu09

If I understand correctly, you want to change the colour of some of your cells in excel?

I think you should take a look at the Continental Nodes extension, as these nodes allow you to edit colours in an excel:

It looks like there is a Conditional Formatter node:

Hope this helps to point you in the right direction.

Best wishes


@HeatherPikairos has you pointed in the right direction. Its a little complicated. You first have to write the Excel file and then use that file as input to the XLS Formatter (apply) node. Before that you need to set the column and rows you want to format in the XLS Control Table from Cell Range node. This node provides input to the XLS Conditional Formatter node where you can set the formatting you want. This formatting is then fed to the XLS Formatter (apply) node. The input to that node is your previously written Excel file. The output is a new file with the formatting. Here’s a screenshot. This is part of a component where the the formatting points are fed from configuration nodes. You don’t need all this complication. Just set the formatting manually in the XLS Conditional Formatter node. Hope this helps.


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