Conditional Grouping Option in Group By node


Would it be possible to implement conditional grouping option in group by node? So the node will be grouping only rows related for example to maximum value of column X chosen in aggregation method option?


Is it a good idea?


You could presort the data first, by sort in descending order on X first. Then for aggregation of the other columns, just choose First.



I would prefer conditional grouping, all of this of course can be done with grouping / filtering etc but still conditional grouping would be an interesting option.

The GroupBy-node already has a rather complex configuration dialog, and I fear that adding such an option would make this (already quite) powerful node even more inaccessible to less experienced users.

This is my concern too. The functionality as it stands is great without it getting too complex. I fear conditional grouping would need a major overhaul of the node and can see it making routine operations unnecessarily complex.

unless a second node was generated called conditional grouping of course.


Thanks for this, I ran into a similar problem. Presorting works fine, no need for a more complicated GroupBy node if you ask me.