Conditional join of Two Tables (Same Columns, # of rows different)

New to Knime. I have two tables I want to join (conditionally) and make a calculation at the same time:

Table 1:

Name Last_Name Earning Cost

Mike    Sand           1000      500

Julie    Sand            2000     200

Kevin   Sand           2000      800

Kevin   Volt              3500      100

Jane     Volt             4000       2000


Table 2:

Name Last_Name Earning Cost

Sand  Sand            5000      1500

Volt      Volt              7500      2100


I want to calculate the percentage contribution of each individual:


Name Last_Name Earning Cost

Mike    Sand            20         33.3

Julie    Sand            40         13.3

Kevin   Sand           40          53.4

Kevin   Volt              46.6       4.8

Jane     Volt             53.4       95.2


You guessed it, I calculated table 2 from Table 1. Now I want to compare Last_Name of two tables and then make percentage calculation. Perhaps, there is an easier way to do this (even perhaps directly from table 1).


I appreciate any help.



Hi candanyetik,

please find attached an example workflow that shows what you want to find out.

Hope this helps,



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