Conditional loop

Hi All,

I would like to implement a loop, where a value is
added to an initial value till it reach a given limit.
I guess this is why the conditional loop has been invented for, but I cannot figure out how to implement what I would like to achieve.
I attach my workflow as example, where the upper table contains the initial value, the one below contains the possible values I would like to add to the initial, but only if it is lower that the MaxValue variable.
I would appreciate any help.
Thank you
conditional loop.knwf (15.7 KB)

Hi @HarryKl,

First of all you need your values as number since you are doing mathematical operations.
Then you can convert the output of your operation to flow variable and use it in the Variable Condition Loop End node. Here is an example:
conditional loop.knwf (21.2 KB)


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Many thanks, armingrudd :slight_smile:

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