Conditional removal of duplicates

Hello everyone,

If there are two lines of the same information, you need to use result to judge. Those that pass should be retained, and those that fail should be removed.
But if there’s only one fail record, it’s still there.
Do you have good ideas?
Thanks in advance.

@Banksy you could try and use the new duplicate row filter which would allow to specify additional conditions about which entry to use when there are identical entries (eg. sort by the ‘result’ column).

Also you could define a RANK variable for a group (your duplicates you wish to identify) with the help of SQLite or H2 in KNIME and then add the ‘Result’ as an additional sorting option.

If you just want to remove the Fails you just could use a Row Filter:


@mlauber71 provided the best answer.
If your data is sorted and you group by all columns except Result you could use last I guess


@mlauber71 Thank you so much for your help!


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