Conditions for rules engine


I am a fairly new to using Knime, but I have figured out quite a bit already by playing, but the one thing I cannot figure out for the like of me is how to write a proper condition for a rule engine.

I have read about SQL syntax, but still, I am not getting it.  If you could link to a previous topic, I would appreciate it, or maybe this is a simple question to answer.

I am trying to find all values in a column that match a format similar to this:


The condition that I thought would work would be:

"8-RE-____" or possibly "8-RE-'____'"

But the only condition that has had any sucess for me is:


But said condition is too broad.  Any help would be most appreciated.

If you need exactly for number at the back you can try "8-RE-????" If you have 3-6 number you can combine three different LIKE matches with OR.