Conect to Sharepoint using Azure app with client secret AND user credentials

Hi there,
I’m trying to set up a connection to our Sharepoint Team Site. Take into consideration that we don’t have the privileges to add Knime to the app perimision using Interactive Authentification.

My colleagues from IT created, from a security reason, an AppId and Secret to access only the specific Sharepoint Team Site, so, using Microsoft Authentification node and Sharepoint Online Connector we can access all documents from this specific Sharepoint Team Site, but we want to take access the files and documents from Sharepoint using, also, the user credentials, because there are some docs/files and Lists with different type of access even all the users are members of the site (eg: A List has rights to be viewed only by a specific user (member of this teams site) and the others cannot access it).

Is there any possibility to use also Client/Application Secret authentification AND User credentials settled in O365/Azure?
Or this configuration is to be settle in the AppId/Secret/Microsoft Graph to count also the credentials of an user?

Or any other ideea to manage the access of Knime only to a specific Sharepoint site using the credentials of the existing users/members of an Sharepoint Team Site?

Thank you,

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