Configuration pane

I am currently evaluating a set of PMML based analytics platforms including KNIME and RapidMiner. 


As a user, I find that one useful feature that RapidMiner has which I can't figure out how to do in KNIME is that highlighting a node brings up its current configuration. Here is an example.




This seems like an efficient way to check workflow configurations. I was wondering if there is an equivalent way to add a window with the current configuration of the current node.




If you are ok with a read-only view of node configuration, I would suggest the KNIME Node Monitor view (View/Other.../KNIME Views/KNIME Node Monitor). With the menu from the triangle upside-down you should select the Show Configuration option.

On the other hand the QuickForms nodes give a nice way to focus on interesting configuration options as this video demonstates it.

Cheers, gabor



Excellent hint, thanks for sharing this!