Configuration window becomes blank. How do I configure the nodes?

  • I installed and began to use KNIME on the CentOS PC.
  • Now, for any nodes, configuration window becomes blanck.
  • For example, I cannot set the Excel file path in configuration window of Excel reader
    • such as the attached image
    • The window looks blank.
  • Would you tell me How to configure the nodes?
  • I have installed and have been using KNIME on Windows PC and Ubuntu PC successfully.
  • But is there any fact that CentOS PC is not supported?
  • Or do I need additional settings for the KNIME?

Linux windowing toolkit implementations can be a real hodgepodge of misery; you didn’t mention what version of CentOS you’re on - but perhaps try this Knime Config Dialogs/Popups Blank


Thanks for your reply!!
The problem has been solved by your advice!!

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