configuration windows differ from those shown in your KNIME TV

Dear KNIME-friends,

usind the current KNIME version 2.9.4 on win8, I'm trying to get familiar with your R interface nodes - but they difffer considerably from those shown in your youtube introductions ( e. g. in "2. R Statistics Integration part of the "What's new" talk at KNIME UG"): they seem to me like former versions with poorer support. In particular I'm missing R workspace, evaluating R code, syntax highlighting ...

KNIME finds no update available. The version numbers are:

  • R statistics integration: 2.9.1
  • R statistics integration windows binaries: 2.15.2
  • R scripting extensions 1.1.0

What is going wrong??


Thanks for any hints in advance, Martin

That are the KNIME interactive R nodes, which are currently part of the KNIME Labs Extensions.

Cheers, Iris

thank you!