Configuring the Settings of Spark Normalizer node


I am trying to configure the Spark Normalizer node using flow variables. I want to configure the Settings section using flow variable. From what I could understand from the Flow variables tab of this node, I can use a string to setup the Mode of normalization using a string variable. But the node gives me an error when I use a string variable containing the value “Min-Max Normalization” which is the first option in the Settings section as seen below:

What value does the Mode user input require in this node?

Couldn’t find anything related to this in the Node description section for the Normalizer node.

Hello @nehaj,

I can’t tell you what what value Mode requires but can tell you how to find it out. To export node’s configuration as flow variable you need to write some string in the text field close to the drop-down menu in the row corresponding to the node configuration to export. This will create flow variable with given name and you’ll see what value Mode expect :wink:

See here for more:


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