Connect BD Oracle

Hello everyone, I need to connect my oracle BD but it requires a driver, could you explain a step by step how to do it. My knowledge is still very basic

or is there another way to connect the BD?

Try the answer from here

hi @izaychik63
the registration page nothing comes out " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

You need to go on menu File/Preferences/KNIME/Databases.
Download Oracle JDBC first.

First you will need to have to donwload the oracle jdbc driver from oracles homepage which requires to create an oracle account (it’s ok to use your “spam email” and fake names for said account).

Then you need to add the driver in the KNIME preferences.


Then with oracle follows the tricky thing on how you define the URL template. This entirely depends on how your database is set up. (how do you connect to it from other tools? Use the same way of connecting. The default template might not work)


Hi there @cmunoq,

in KNIME Database Extension Guide under Examples you will find step by step on how to connect to some databases. First one is Oracle :wink:


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