Connect four data tables with one Reader

I would like to join 4 data Tables having same columns in each table. How do i do it? Can anyone please suggest.


I think you looking for

I think using Concatenate node, we still need to use four Readers as well. But iā€™m trying to use only one Reader to achieve it. Please let me know if there is any way for it.


It is not clear what is your data source. If it is 4 Excel files then you need just one reader if just these 4 files in the folder. If this is the same DB you need 1 DB Reader with Union clause. For .txt file you still may use one reader but in a loop.

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It is of same DB, but the tables are different, there are four tables which i want to join all of them using only one DB Reader.
You meant, should i write a query using Union clause?
If yes, i wanted to use KNIME features if it can help directly.

Hi there @janki656,

yes, you should write query in DB Table Selector and then use DB Reader.


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