Connect KNIME to Microsoft Power BI Data

Hi all, I need to load to KNIME the data from a Power BI data model (pbix file). I didn’t find any KNIME Extension so I’ve been looking around and I’ve only found a way to connect via ADOMD using Python.
Note: Power BI data engine is Microsoft Analysis Services.
Any better idea?


PS. I’m not an expert so I’d like to avoid programming from scratch

Someone else interested? I’ve found so far:

I’ll try.

You can also connect to PowerBi via REST. My colleagues discussed this here

Thanks Iris but what I would need is sending data from PowerBI to KNIME.
The mentioned examples using REST would be useful to send data from KNIME to PowerBI

Hi Luiscu, did you find a solution to your problem? I would also like to connect to a Power BI dataset. Maybe using Azure Blob storage node to connect to Azure Gen2 account where the data lives? Has anyone tried that?