Connect KNIME to SAP ECC 6

Dear Team,

I have found the information provided regarding the supported Vendor-specific Database Connectors.

What about 3rd Party Applications? We would like to create ETL lineages from SAP ECC 6 to Oracle Database 11g R2/ 12c with KNIME.

Is there any specific connector for this purpose? Is there any documentation / best practices how can we connect KNIME to SAP?

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Hi Robert, 

I am not super familiar with SAP products, what kind of DB does that run?  If you have a JDBC driver for it, it should be fairly straightforward to do the translation. 

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Dear Aaron,

thank you for your prompt answer!

Hence we are talking about a future SAP installation I still can not define which DB will SAP run. I suppose the database would be from one of the big player (Oracle, IBM... etc.) therefore JDBC driver would be available.

Why I am asking all this because we are researching the usage of KNIME as an ETL tool.

To connect other ETL/ELT tools like Oracle Data Integrator or Informatica PowerCenter to SAP special connector/adapter needs to set up. For example SAP Adapter requires privileges to perform set up and execution operations.

In case of Oracle Data Integrator "SAP ABAP ERP Adapter" should be installed (that contains two specialised knowladge module for SAP).

In case of Informatica PowerCenter "PowerExchange for SAP Net Weaver" should be installed on SAP server.

Is it required additional software (connector or adapter) insatllation in case of KNIME as well?

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As Aaron said, low-level DB access via JDBC won't require specific extensions - but depending on your use case, having other standard interface options (i.e., web services or similar) may be convenient, and these may require other modules.

I've never touched an SAP database myself, but I've been told that they can be tricky (stated by people who have). Then again they're probably not so tricky to outsmart a competent DBA with proper database documentation tools. In my humble opinion, connector packages many times promise more than they can keep, and often just serve to justify extra ERP solution costs in the light of project uncertainty.



If anyone is still looking for SAP connectivity, please check out the KNIME Connector for SAP(KCS):