Connect Sharepoint of another organization

Hi everyone,
Really need some help here :(.

I am in Company A, and working on a project that requires close collaboration with company B. So I need to export some files to company B’s Sharepoint, which has already shared to me (to my Company A’s account) with write access.

It works just fine as normal sharepoint except with Knime flow, because when I authenticated by Company A’s OAuth2, and trying to connect this company B sharepoint with Sharepoint Online Connector node, it gives error as InvalidAuthenticationToken.

How can I solve this? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @dkchen and welcome to the forum.

Maybe you can provide a screenshot of your workflow, so folks here can see how you are passing the credentials to the various nodes connector nodes for each company?

Also, is it possible that you can’t connect to Company B because you are not on their VPN, or some other networking reason?