Connect the rest of the workflow in two different scenarios

In two different scenarios, I want to keep the rest of the workflow connected.

If there is a problem in step 1, let step 2 continue, but give two positive results to a single node.

I need to be able to close the browser that opens. (in a workflow where the two merge)

one of the two scenarios should continue to a positive result, as it will necessarily be negative

I’m experimenting. But I wasn’t sure if I was on the right track or was I wrong? Do you think you could help with an example to do what I mentioned above?


  • Use Try/Catch Errors with data ports.
  • Put the main flow between Try node and the top input port of the Catch Errors node.
  • Connect the output of the node before the Try node to the bottom input port of the Catch Errors node.


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