Connect to Azure Blob Storage to get Excel file

I have tested the Azure nodes. The Blob Store file picker works for with the csv reader but I am not able to read an excel file. I specify the URL from the picker as a flow variable in the excel reader and read from “custom url” in the settings.
It tells me the file does not exist or cannot be accessed.
Any ideas why?

Unfortunately not. But have you tried downloading the file first and then importing it into KNIME?

Hi Daniel,

Please try using the File Reader (can use the URL variable from Azure Blob Store File Picker node) node instead of the Excel Reader node. I got this to work for an .xls file and then you can download/manipulate it from the File Reader node. Please let me know if this is acceptable for you.


Hello Daniel_Weikert,
with KNIME 4.3 the new Excel Reader node can read directly from various file systems including Azure Blob Store. You only need to connect it to the Azure Blob Storage Connector via the dynamic port.
For further information about the new file handling framework see the File Handling Guide.

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