Connect to Knime Web Portal and run workflows


I am new in Knime, so it might be basic question.

I would like to start knime workflows from other tool. So, in Knime Web Portal I saw that you can run a workflow using URL. In this sense, after logging in into the Knime Web Portal  I run  the following command into the browser:

and it worked fine. The Workflow was executed with succes.

What I am trying to do now is also to connect to the Knime Web Portal and to run the workflow directly from the browser. I saw that there is a parameter that can be specified to connect to the Knime Web Portal from URL: &cr:<name>=<user>:<password>

My question would be: what represents the <name> tag? The name of the project? Or the username? I tried with both versions but I wasn't able to connect to the Knime Web Portal and to run the workflow.

Can you please provide me an example?

Thanks and best regards,

With the &cr URL parameter you can pre-fill workflow credentials. The <name> part specifies the identifier under which you have created the credential on the workflow.

If i understand your use case correctly this is not what you want to do. You probably want to specify your WebPortal username and password in the URL. This is currently not supported. You always have to log in over the login panel.

Did that answer your question?


Thanks for your answer. Yes, so I would like to programatically launch (from java code) a Knime Workflow on Knime Server. Is there any option to do this?

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Yes, with the new REST interface that we added in KNIME Server 4.1.