Connect to Sharepoint files

Dear Knimers,

I have a question regarding a conncetion to my Sharepoint files.
I would like to use an excel file in my workflow but so far I have not been able to pull it.
So far I have been trying the “Generic Web Service Client” node.
There I provide the WSDL location in this format http:////_vti_bin/excelservice.asmx?WSDL
In the Advanced tab I have HTTP enabled and seleceted ‘NTLM’ as Credentials Type with my Microsoft credentials.
My company is using the MS Office 365 and I assume that I need to change my settings.
Maybe I am even using a wrong node?

I would be very grateful for some assistance. Thanks a lot!


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I suppose that at this moment you’ve a problem or an error.
Can you paste error information please?

Dear pigreco,

thanks for answering me. Please find the error attached.

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