Connect to Sharepoint sites using (Rest api) knime desktop version

Hi All,
I am new to knime, I am using knime 4.3.2 desktop version for my tasks. I have to find a way that can connect to SharePoint URL using knime.

One solution is to use Microsoft authenticator and SharePoint Connector node, to use this we will have organization level access, due to few reason I can not get it.

The other way I got to know is using REST api call, I tried to find any solution or working project in knime hub, but I did not get any.

I never worked on REST api and how to use it, does anyone can help. Any minimum working examples would help.


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Hello @k_user,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

Don’t think you’ll find and example of workflow connecting to SharePoint and fetching data/files as this would require sensitive information to be exposed. Check this topic for other options on accessing SharePoint files without Microsoft/SharePoint nodes:


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