Connecting to a remote MySQL db via SSH?


I have a MySQL db that requires an SSH key to access. I am not sure how to get access to it using SSH with either the SSH node or the database reader node.


If I can use SSH in the database reader node configuration then does anyone know how I do so? I cann't figure it out for the life of me.


I have used a similar setup (without KNIME in this part, so probably this will not work for you), we used port forwarding for the DB ports with the ssh client (as I remember putty, probably also worked with openssh) and connected to the local port using the DB client.

For example you have foreignDB host with the DBport port, you would connect with the client to the foreignDB host to the sshport (probably 22) and forward the DBport to the localhost:localDBport. After that, you can connect using the the DB client (KNIME in this case) to the localhost:localDBport as long as you are connected through ssh to the foreignDB host.

HTH, gabor


Any solution for adding SSH configuration in the database reader node?

I have a similar problem and i am trying to avoid using port forwarding with ssh client.