Connecting to KNIME Server on Azure VM


I have done an entirely fresh installation of KNIME Server 4.10 on an Azure VM (exactly as I would have done on-prem).

The server is running (there is a license installed fine) and I can access the web portal providing I am the Server VM itself (and use localhost). However, if I try to connect to the Web portal via HTTP from another Azure VM in the same Azure VNET or from an external VM, then communication fails. The server is not reachable.

I have tried numerous changes to the Network Security Group settings and I cannot get a single connection attempt to work. I think I may be missing something obvious. I have done a lot of searches for something relevant RE: Azure, but not found anything that helps.

I appreciate this is probably an Azure issue more than a KNIME Server one - but I could really do with some specific guidance on how to do a basic set up on the Azure network side as I have no assistance available from an IT specialist on this installation.

Many thanks in advance

I’ve located the issue myself. In addition to changing Network Security Group setting for the Host VM, there are default Windows OS Firewall settings that need to be changed on the host machine. Once changed, I have been able to connect to the server from other Azure VMs and external clients (that are allowed to connect according to the network security group rules).


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