Connecting to Netezza fails with timeout

I have no idea why this is not working. Attached you can find a KNIME workflow that uses the Java Snippet node to establish a connection in the standard Java way. Can you please adapt the connection settings in the Table Creator node and register the JDBC jar in the Java Snippet node and then execute the workflow. The CSV Writer writes out the test information to c:\temp. I hope this reveals more information. I also wonder why the driver logger didn’t log anything. It should at least log the information that it tries to open up a connection I would hope. Once this is done please send me your KNIME log and the csv file via PM. I hope we will find in there something about the problem.
Another thing we could try out is if it works with the new DB framework which is available as preview. Further information about how to install the framework and add drivers can be found here. Sorry for the inconveniences.

getJDBCInfo.knwf (11.1 KB)