Connecting to OMERO?


I have installed KNIME v2.5.4.0032975 and the community nodes, including KNIME Image Processing. I would like to try out connecting to an OMERO server, but I can't find the OMERO nodes. Are they not available at the moment?

Thanks, best regards,


Hello Harri,

unfortunately our previous OMERO integration prototype is currently not available anymore in the nightly build.

We want to have a stable 1.0 release end of July and took the OMERO stuff out of the current nightly built (which is actually not really nightly anymore, as we branched out for our release). We took the chance, as not so many people were using this OMERO node, so that we can heavily change things and extend the node in the future.

We are in close contact to the OMERO developers at the moment (just met them in Paris), because we want to have a better and more stable integration of OMERO in KNIME and we are working on this.

If it's really urgent we can provide you our previous OMERO integration which is not very sophisticated, but we suggest you to wait some more months for a better OMERO integration in KNIME.

Sorry that you have to wait,


UPDATE: to keep the community up-to-date we provide an additional page regarding the progress and state of the OMERO integration here. The existing prototypic(!) OMERO node is available in the nightly build of the image processing extension.