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Im not overtly technical, but understand basic database concepts.

I have attempted to load oracle jdbc drivers to connect to an oracle 10 database but get error messages that it cant connect. My pc connects fine via odbc in other apps.

is there a particular driver i should be using?

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I usually use driver version which is included in the ojdbc14.jar, from that you can select: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver driver and enter the URL as:jdbc:oracle:thin:@:: Please let me know, If you still have problems connecting to your database...


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It was very nice to find scuda's post as I am in the same situation:

However, I tried the ojdbc14.jar driver and entered the URL as described by gabriel.

I am getting the following:

"Couldn' test connection to URL: "jdbc:oracle:thin:@sntsrvr2int:1521:" with driver: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"

Should I install a particular driver? Do I need the Oracle ODBC controller also installed?
I am able to connect to my database using Oracle SQL Developer.

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I just came across another Java posting tackling this issue. Maybe it also helps you to solve the problem.

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Configuring the data node for oracle took me some time as well. Here is the setup I used.

Download the Oracle JDBC classes from Oracle (classes12.jar)

Unpack the classes, store classes12.jar in a suitable location

Configure the KNIME node as follows;

Click Load button from DataBase driver, and navigate to classes12.jar file.

Select following option from dropdown list;


Use the following DataBase URL;


- your oracle server machine name
1521 Listener Port (default value is 1521 but can be different depending on what your DBA has set up)
- SID identifier of the database

The rest is pretty self evident. The trick is selecting the right java class, and database URL, this combination can take a few attempts to get right.

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It's working now. Thank you so much guys!



I’m trying to connect (using a database writer node) to an oracle server and I have the following error:
ERROR Database Writer Execute failed: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException

here is my node configuration:

“driver” type=“xstring” value=“oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver”
’“database” type=“xstring” value=“jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(”
“user” type=“xstring” value=“system”
“password” type=“xstring” value=“iupha21ttr”
“loaded_driver” type=“xstring” value=“C:\knime_2.0.3\oracle\ojdbc14.jar”
“table” type=“xstring” value=“iuphar_ligands”
“append_data” type=“xboolean” value="false"
config key=“sql_types”
“ligand_id” type=“xstring” value=“integer”
“SMILES” type=“xstring” value=“varchar(255)”

Can anyone help?


Please see my comment here:

Hello Gabriel, hello all,

Gabriel, your link did not work for me. I'm hoping that this post will help others.

To specify your Database driver, click successively on File, Preferences, KNIME, Database Driver. In the right-hand side panel, click on New and select the ojdbc*.jar file that you find under your [ORACLE_HOME]\jdbc\lib\ojdb*.jar, where * is one or more digits.

As mentioned in earlier posts, select "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" in the Database Driver dropdown menu.

Using the database driver ojdbc6.jar (I guess that almost any ojdbc driver will do), here is the connection string (matching the tnsnames.ora file) I have used:


For reference, here is what the associated tnsnames.ora file would look like:

myAlias =
    (ADDRESS =
      (PROTOCOL = TCP)
      (HOST = myHost)
      (PORT = 1521)
      (SERVICE_NAME = myServiceName)

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I suspect the link from Thomas has changed, I suspect it may refer to this post