Connecting two colums

I would like to connect two columns to get one single column with date/time/timezone (see attached picture)

Which node do I use in this case?

Thanks in advance


Hi SimonSays,

In this case, as the 2 columns are strings and you want o obtained a new columns combining both sting, I would use a String Manipulation node with the "join" manipulation function.

Hope that helps,


Thank you Gio that worked out, but now I have a following question..

Is it possible to replace the two columns within the String Manipulation node or do I need another node?

E.g. Delete col3 and col4 and replace it with the new column



With String Manipulation node you can only create a new column or substitute one of the existing ones. I would create a new column and then filter out the original one using the Column Filter node.


Hi Gio,

I replaced one of the existing columns within the String Manipulation node.

Thanks for your help.