Connecting Two Databases

Hi all,

Since I am quite new to KNIME I have some questions with respect to connecting two databases. One of my databases consists of general process data. Which I collect in data per minute. Thus the time and date are available in this database.

Next to that I have a database with production orders. Which I know the start time + date and the duration of the production order. I have done some invesitagation and I can calculate with the date/time shift node an end date/time for the production order with the duration column. So far so good.

Now I want to link these two databases since I want to do an analyses per product.

I do this by first making a database for the production orders to have all the dates/times I also have in the production database. However, I found some method with chunk loop start, one row to many, math formula and loop end but it takes a lot of time before my databases are connected.

Can somebody assist me in order to find a smarter/faster solution?

BR, Daan

Hi Daan,

could you make us a mini workflow what you are currently doing? 

Typically you would do this with a joiner. Therefore you need to create a join criteria. 

Best, Iris