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I am pretty new in using Knime for Measurement analytics. At the moment, I try to analyze some of our measurement data.
For each part which we are testing, a result file is written. In such a file, there are several entries for different steps during a testrun. If one step fails during this testrun, I want to know if it is related to the rack number, which is also a part of this file. Main goal is to check if one of the racks has a higher risk to fail during a testrun.
I made it, to load all of the different files and seperated the results. But I have no clue how to combine a failed testrun to the rack number.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @jhochlei,

Is it possible for you to provide a sample data set and explain your case more detailed?


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we have a testbench which test parts which are mounted on a rack (1 - 10).
These racks are moved to a station which perform different tests on this part.
Sometimes these tests fail, for example during a voltage test.

The result file looks something like this:

Serialnumber: 123456789
Date: 28.07.2021
Time: 12:00:00
VoltageTest: Failed
RackNumber: 8
EndTime: 12:03:00

Between Voltage Test and Racknumber there are a few more tests.
Now i want to check if a failed VoltageTest is related to the Racknumber
In other words… does Rack Number 8 has a higher risk to fail during voltage testing than others?
There are thousands of resultfiles to check… Is this possible to do this with knime?

Thanks in advance

Sorry but I cannot understand your data and problem perfectly. If possible, you can share one or two files with fake data (but include a complete file structure) and fully explain what you are looking for.


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Hello @armingrudd,

Thanks for trying to help me :slight_smile: the content of these files looks like i posted before.
If the Voltage test succeeds, the entry in the result file is:
VoltageTest: Success
If the all the tests are OK, the part is unmounted from the rack and another part is mounted.
What i want to know is, if the testparts have a higher risk to fail in voltage test if they are mounted on rack nr. 8. Or is there no statistical connection
i really dont even know how i could explain the procedure better. Sry for that :slight_smile:

You can upload a sample file /workflow so it is easier to understand and work out a solution

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Hi @jhochlei , as @armingrudd and @Daniel_Weikert have both mentioned, we need to at least see some sample data.

The best way to explain would be some sample data to work with (basically whatever needs to be analyzed), what the expected results would be (basically if you had to do this manually, what should we expect to see), and then elaborate on the rules/logic, for example, how do we determine “if the testparts have a higher risk to fail in voltage test if they are mounted on rack nr. 8”? what are the rules that define a lower risk vs a higher risk?

Hi @jhochlei,

this are my thoughts about a solution for your question. It is still an example and you have to investigate in the File reading, because it is not clear which further content your files have. Therefore i only take care of your example.

Hopefully this gives you an starting point to solve your problem.


Example.knwf (155.6 KB)


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