Connection Error with Database

Error connecting with Database:
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable Status: Warning: MongoDB Connector 0:710:319
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable Status: Warning: Loading model settings failed: Error while decrypting password: Given final block not properly padded. Such issues can arise if a bad key is used during decryption.
ERROR MongoDB Connector 0:893 Execute failed: Exception authenticating MongoCredential{mechanism=SCRAM-SHA-1, userName=‘admin’, source=‘admin’, password=, mechanismProperties=}


Hello @Ajay07 ,

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For further clarification could you please give us more information such as which AP version do you use? Is this a new workflow or a previous one which worked properly before? If the latter did anything changed in your system, set up? (Anything: software upgrade, proxy, firewall settings?)

Many thanks!


Also, could you send a print screen of the present settings of the Mongo DB Connector you use?

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