Connection to a Bucket in S3

I have to read and export into a csv or excel file a table contained into a Bucket S3.
I have used these nodes to connect to the bucket and I have found correctly the bucket but I do not know the next node in order to see the content of this bucket and then export into a CSV or excel. The excel writer node does not work:


How can I export the content of this bucket?
Many thanks

Hello @giad. There are examples on the knime hub:

Thanks! I cannot understand the node before download:


I have the list files but now I need to download only one of these… The download node does not work after List remote files node

Thanks again

If you need just one file, I would use a row filter and filter by name.

The node before download is a group of nodes, this is a simpler version:

You will have to use a variable with the download node. There is a quick tutorial on how to use variables:

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Hello @giad,

what kind of file you have on S3? Do you need (guess you do but just checking) to perform some manipulations over data from it before saving it as CSV or Excel? Downloading it and then reading into KNIME is one way but also some readers feature additional connection port which enables you to read data directly into KNIME without need to download it first.


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