Connection with GET Request node


I am trying to use the GET Request node (for access to Osisoft PI data). But I always get the same error "Execute failed: Wrong status: 401 Unauthorized". For Authorization my Windows credentials should be fine but it seems that Knime cannot use these.

Do you have any suggestions for me to solve this issue?

Thank you!

You probably need to specify an Authorization header 


thank you for you quick answer. Could you give me a instruction how to create the authorization Header.

Here is what I already tried:

- Add Header parameter

- Header Key: Authorization

- Header value: here I am not sure what to type in, it should be something like Basic 'API key and Passwort in base64' (?)

- Value Kind: Constant

Am I on the right way to solve the Problem?

Thank you very much.

Hello again,

I just found out that my Server is using for authentication negotiate... is there any possibility to include this in the Request Header of the REST node?
Thank you.

Hello, is there any progress on this topic?

I'm having the same issue. I've tried with all authentication options in KNIME 3.5.1: NTLM, Basic, Digest but I haven't been successful.

Hello, same problem here I can get the data through postman perfectly and when replicating to Knime it only returns the error of this forum

Hi @Gabriel_In -

Looks like your question in being addressed in this separate thread:

Please don’t revive old threads if you are already discussing the issue elsewhere. Thanks!