console has disappeared

I am on version 5.2.0 and my console to see workflow errors has disappeared. How do I bring it back? Thanks for any help.

Hi @nbalcer_12 ,

You can get it back from the View menu.


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Can’t find the View menu in the new UI. Do we have to shift back to the old UI to get it?

Hai @rfeigel ,

You can use the node called Console Log Viewer to view the console logs in modern UI.

I will be attaching a link with details.
Hope this helps.


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Thank you. Hopefully KNIME will build this into KAP 5.x in the future.

With the 5.3 release (coming soon!), there will be a “Workflow Monitor” panel in 5.3 Modern UI.

It isn’t in my view a complete/exact replacement for the Console Log, in terms of displaying all messages, but it will bring with it additional features (not only displaying node errors/warnings in a much more user-friendly manner, but also providing the ability to quickly access the associated node)

From what I’ve seen, this should make 5.3 much better in this regard than the previous 5.x releases, and will be one feature that could (might) persuade long-time users of Classic UI that there is a good reason for moving to Modern.


thank you Arjen. actually, yes, I could choose Console from the View menu, but it was not generating the errors, in other words, the Console was blank. However, it magically appeared, when I logged from my home office. stranger things have happened.