Consolidate multiple excel sheets into one

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I have an excel file with 26 tabs of data. Not all the tabs are identical (as it relates to the column headings) but generally the column headings are consistent, with one or two variations. When I use the tools below my output seems to be data from the first tab repeated 26 times. I made sure that I set the variable in the excel read as “Sheets”. How can I get the output to be all the data from all 26 tabs instead of a repeat of the first tab 26 times?



Did you configure the node to “Select sheet with name”?

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I initially did not have that checked. When I select the “Select sheet with name” now I get a more complicated error. I get the following error:

“ERROR Excel Reader 3:9 Execute failed: The following row could not be converted to the specified KNIME types: [596…”

I can not copy and paste the entire error because the data it sensitive, however, the error is essentially associated with a specific row that can not be converted. It is at this point that the workflow stops at the Excel Reader node and does not continue. When I locate the row that is causing to the error and delete it, it just appears again and errors out on another row. I have almost 10,000 records to analyze, is there anyway that I can force the node to ignore theses types of errors?

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Please disregard. I found that this type of error is a known issue with the new excel reader.

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