Constant Value Column node enhancement

Hello Knime team,

I have two ideas of improvements of the Constant Value Column node, since I use it a lot along with Parameter optimization loop, so I need to assign labels or tags to the data sets, then I can do some kind of aggregation afterwards.

  1. Add possibility to add more than one column in the dialog. Let’s say I want to assign more than one additional column. Perhaps the dialog can be implemented similar to Column Expression node where user can click on “+” or “-” buttons to add or remove new expressions, but it that case it will be adding/removing extra columns.
  2. Add button for adding/removing optional input/output ports that are synchronized (the number of input and output ports should always be the same). This might be helpful in case I want to add similar tag or label column to different data sets. Let’s say I use the Parameter optimization loop, and I am gathering both predictions and a table of splits from Tree Ensemble, then I would like to add the columns with the parameters, since I want to analyze how different feaatures might affect the predictions in combination with model parameters, which I would like to add as tag columns.

Hi @Artem,

I have create the enhancement request AP-17872 for you. You could definitely accomplish all of this with the current toolset, but this would definitely be more convenient.

Wali Khan


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