Constant value date&time


I am trying to populate a column with a certain date using the constant value node.

Below is the date;

using this date format

with value settings as date&time

The node is able to run fine. However when I try to use my newly created column on the Date&Time Difference node this new column doesn’t appear.

What do you think is the issue here? Am I not creating a proper Date&time column?

The main use case is that I download a bunch of dates from an excel and need to subtract it against a constant value date to get the number of days from that point in time.

Many thanks!

You add the date in the legacy date format. So, you need to convert it to the new one using
Legacy Date&time to Date&Time node.


Indeed, the Constant Value Column node does not support the new date&time types currently. We have this on our list. Thanks for the answer, @izaychik63!



Thanks! Looks like a simple fix !

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