Consumer login to webportal only from first group despite com.knime.server.login.consumer.allowed_groups

Only users from the first group “staff” that I created are able to login to the webportal. The error is: “User ‘joe’ is not allowed to log in.”

The setting of com.knime.server.login.consumer.allowed_groups was emtpy in the first place, I also tried to name other groups but nothing changes.

Is the a helping log file for this kind o problem?

Hi @spider,

could you check whether com.knime.server.login.allowed_groups also lists all groups that should be able to log in? This is a first filter, to avoid having to go through potentially thousands of LDAP groups/roles.

See also: KNIME Server Administration Guide

Kind regards


Thanks, I did not know that the also was this option.

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