Context menu in Knime Explorer not available (Knime 3.7.2 on Ubuntu 18.4.2 LTS)

I have Knime Analytics Platform 3.7.2 installed on a laptop running Ubuntu 18.4.2 LTS and can not access the context menu in the Knime Explorer pane, i.e. right click on the touchpad does nothing.
Left click for selecting a workflow in the Explorer pane works fine as does right click in the workspace pane.
Any idea how to fix this?

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If you change the logging level to DEBUG (Preferences → KNIME → KNIME GUI) and then attempt to right click, is there anything logged to the Console of interest?

No. I set both the Log File Log Level in Preferences --> KNIME and the Console View Log Level in Preferences --> KNIME --> KNIME GUI to DEBUG, but there’s nothing being logged at all if I do a right click in the Explorer pane.

Hmmm… is this true for all right clicks in the Explorer - for example, the EXAMPLES folder itself, and the LOCAL folder itself, and folders under the LOCAL, and workflows in LOCAL and in EXAMPLES, … ?

Yes, no matter of what I am right clicking at (folders, workflows, data files, …), it never has any effect (i.e. I don’t get any context menu or anything else) nor does it produce any log output. And this holds true for the EXAMPLES server and the LOCAL folder.

Hmm… i can’t replicate this locally (admittedly in a guest VM, not as a host OS.) If you do a download of a vanilla 3.7.2 install, does it happen with that unmodified version too?

I’ll try that tomorrow. Thanks for your help so far!

So I have just tested with a vanilla 3.7.2 and with a vanilla 4.0.0 installation. Same problem with both: no context menu, nothing being logged.

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