Continental nodes invisible

Could it be permissions to create/rename/delete KNIME subfolders? I saw new folder structure is different from the one I have.

Could be - i don’t know what restrictions are placed on your OS install. Plugins are placed in the plugins sub-directory. A plugin can either remain as a jar, or it can be unpacked - this is up to the specific plugin’s specification. If it is unpacked, it will have a directory under plugins made for its contents.

could you or someone on a team say something more specific based on errors I posted today? They persists even after I uninstall RDKit.

an UnsatisfiedLinkError means that the plugin could not find libraries it assumed would exist; it is referring specifically to generated native library methods - so it seems plausible that a dll which should have gotten installed with RDKit did not.

You should post your question on an RDKit forum, as well.

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