Continue IDs in a column


		<p>I have a table with two&nbsp;columns, one&nbsp;with different metabolite names and another with corresponding IDs. Unfortunately not each metabolite name is assigned to an ID, so I would like to continue the ID&nbsp;number&nbsp;, e.g&nbsp;ID+1&nbsp;for the first metabolite name without ID.</p>

		<p>Does any know how to do this in Knime?</p>

		<p>Thanks! :)</p>


Something like this would be great:

if (c_ID.isEmpty()){    
    out ="max(c_ID)+1";    
out = "";

Unfortunately I am not used to Java, so it is not working...

Hi Mrs_Sippi,

unfortunately I don't see a workaround, you have to use a java snippet. I attach you a screen shot, which worked for me. Good news, the simple Java Snippet is more than enough.

Best, Iris