CONTINUOUS data flow?

i'm working with system Kinect for a recognition human poses study.
My project work well if i store poses (off-line) and after i create a workflow project with Knime in wich there are some learning machines properly trained and tested.
Until now everything working very well.

My doubt is: could i enter data flows come directly from Kinect into nodes created with Knime? Could it be possible to test in real-time?


Thanks a lot

We do not have any experiences with Kinect, but it sounds interesting to have this somehow integrated. We have several nodes of getting data into and out of KNIME, such as Reader/Writer (see IO category) or Database connector nodes, also many scripting language are integrated, as well as an SSH, Webservices, External Tool frameworks allowing you to call arbitrary scripts on your system. The question basically boils to how to call Kinect from KNIME OR how to get the data from one to tool to the other...