Continuous execution of workflow

Hi all

Is there any provision of continuous execution of workflow possible in knime…like dese days we are having more real time data which we need to consume,transfer and load to another target at same time.Js wanted to know is continuous execution is possible here?

Hi @sahil786,

there are three possible solutions:

  1. Have a endless loop with a wait node to match your business logic - and keep the workflow/PC running

  2. Lookup batch mode for knime and Schedule your workflow e.g. through the Microsoft task schedule

  3. The easiest solution - check out the KNIME Server. There are all the scheduling functionallities you need…However this is the mist expensive option as well :slight_smile:

As someone you went to stage 1 to 3…if you have multiple workflows you want to execute regulary or basically active all the time… then option 1 and 2 are quite a headache to keep running. The server scheduling and rest options then make the life way easier… for a price :stuck_out_tongue:
However for a limited amount of workflows and/or operation time option 1 and 2 work fine as well - just do not expect an easy 100% uptime


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