Controlling GroupBy Node with Variables fails

I’m trying to create a component by abstracting my workflow with the usage of variables.
However, controlling the GroupBy node with Variables fails.

I want to unique concatenate the Column with the name ‘Main Class’, missing values aren’t really important to me, I just added them as a list of variables, because I thought that’s why the node is not working.

Why can’t I execute my node? It tells me Index 0 out of bounds for length 0…

I couldn’t reproduce that error, so here’s a WF that works. Using either string or string array variables didn’t matter.

controlling GroupBy Node with variables.knwf (15.6 KB)


Thanks, using just single strings again did work. I thought I had to use a list of strings because the symbol indicated it. But actually, it seems like you must use lists of variables only if you’re having more than one string, otherwise, you cannot use lists.

Hmm, there must be something else going on that prevented it from working, because, as I mentioned, using string arrays or plain strings doesn’t make a difference. Anyway, the important thing is that it works for you. :slight_smile:
controlling GroupBy Node with variables
controlling GroupBy Node with variables.knwf (31.1 KB)

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Hmm alright, I’ll check out your sample WF again. Thanks a lot @Thyme :wink:

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