Controlling wrapped metanode with flow variables

I’ve created a wrapped metanode with some quickforms, I now want to insert this metanode in other workflows and control the quick form value using flow variables, is that possible? How?

If no, is that in the roadmap?



Hi @madape, i think i did not get your problem. Quickforms create Flowvariables in order to control other nodes. You can configure Quickforms in the dialog of the wrapped metanode. So what is it that you would like to do?

Hi madape,

I think there are a couple of things to discuss here.

  1. You want to reuse the same metanode in other workflows, with the same settings. Right? Well, this is possible by using metanode templates. More info are available here: KNIME Workflow Invocation Guide
  2. Quickform nodes always output flow variables, and if those are encapsulated in a wrapped metanode, you can use the flow variables inside of the wrapped metanodes to control specific parameters.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Vincenzo,
I’ve found a workarounf using “call workflow” bu this is not exactly what I wanted to achieve.

In the attached example you can see on top the expected behaviour and at the bottom what I would like to doexample1.knwf (28.3 KB)

The idea is to control the metanode quickforms variable not by manually editing them but by using a flow variable of the parent workflow

I’d like to be able to do this as well. Not sure if there’s a good way. I was surprised when I double clicked a Wrapped Metanode and went to the flow variables tab only to discover it’s completely blank. I expected it to have entries for each quickform input.

Oops! I discovered it actually is possible! All you need to do is select the “change” checkbox and then the variable shows up in the flow variables tab on the wrapped metanode.

@madape FYI ^^

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Thank you very much @kwhipke1! This is exactly what I wanted to achieve!
Do you have any idea if this is something new or used to work in previous versions as well? (in 3.6.1 works!)

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